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1984 Yamaha XJ 600 Pimmel & Messer
6 years ago


1984 Yamaha XJ 600  Pimmel & Messer

The Yamaha XJ600 flies under the radar in the motorcycling world. It was released in 1984 and is the first 600cc inline four featuring a mono shock rear suspension which was considered to be advanced technology about 28 years ago. The Pimmel & Messer custom workshop based in Northeastern France, tore the bike down for a complete rebuild, with every worn or broken part replaced. Let’s check out some photos about Yamaha XJ600 below:

Yamaha XJ 600 Custom on stand

Yamaha XJ 600 front view

1984 Yamaha XJ 600  seat

1984 Yamaha XJ 600  fuel tank

Yamaha XJ 600 by Pimmel & Messer part

Yamaha XJ 600 side view

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