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6 years ago

X132 Hellcat Combat From Confederate Motorcycles

The maker of this X132 Hellcat is Confederate motorcycles. The main objective to built this bike with a philosophy of bar philosophy of barebones engineering in mind, and the best parts to be used in bike. In 1992, Confederate motorcycles started out as an idea, building a conception of what a good American motorcycle should be like based on first 9 months.

To prepare a bike for a high speed saltflat run, using their road-going X132 Hellcat, little was required equipment. Pushed the wheelbase up to 66.5”, making for more stability at high speed to boosting the rake from 23.5 degrees up to 29 degrees. Equipment of front end includes dual Beringer 4 pot calipers fixing into ductile iron rotors and Back end is fully Brembo equipped.

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