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Vintage Motorcycle BSA Sloper 1928
5 years ago

Vintage Motorcycle BSA Sloper 1928

Vintage Motorcycle BSA Sloper 1928

BSA Sloper 1928 is one of the most beautiful pre-war motorcycles, which is surprisingly cheap. The model of the BSA Sloper appeared on the market in 1927. The name of the bike was a bit of an unusual angle of the engine, as in those years, most engines are set or vertically, or V-shaped. In fact, the model BSA Sloper has become an example for many other manufacturers that have adopted the geometry of the location of the engine.

Motorcycle BSA Sloper is different from low center of gravity and therefore, it has a good controllability. The model was produced until 1935 with virtually no major changes, but popular among motorcyclists who appreciate the convenience and comfort of the bike. Shown in the photographs 557-cc motorcycle BSA Sloper 1928 that was exhibited at the Brooklands Museum in 1998. On September 7, it will be sold at auction “National Motor Museum Collectors’ Motorcycles” (Bonhams). Estimated cost of this motorcycle is $7,000-7,800.

BSA Sloper 1928

Vintage Motorcycle BSA Sloper 1928 engine photos

Vintage Motorcycle BSA Sloper 1928 pictures

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