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Girl riding a Vintage Beach Side
5 years ago

Vintage Beach Side – Electric Bicycle with Sidecar

Vintage Beach Side Pictures

Italian firm “Bad Bike” introduced electric bicycle with sidecar named “Beach Vintage Side”. According to the manufacturer, the vehicle is an excellent choice for city and walks, as well as for those who love shopping and tourism.

Moped Beach Vintage Side equipped with batteries, capacity which is enough for about 70 km aid cyclist. Batteries nourish 250 -watt or 500 watt motor (your choice). Two versions are made for one important reason. According to Italian law, in the case of 250 -watt motor vehicle is not taxed, does not require insurance and registration. To ride the 500 -watt version requires a license to drive a scooter and helmet.

Electric bike weighs only 30 kg, but its capacity is 120 kg. It is equipped with a telescopic fork and a spring-loaded seat, while the stroller has no suspension. All parts are made of aluminum as possible to facilitate construction. Importantly, the BVS is equipped with a 7-speed gearbox.

Specification Battery: 10 Ah, 36V, 800 recharge cycles and 2 years warranty
BVS 250 Price: 2400 euro
BVS 500 Price: 2700 euro

Girl on Vintage Beach Side with her baby

Girl riding a Vintage Beach Side

Girl with Vintage Beach Side

Sidecar of Vintage Beach Side

Vintage Beach Side - Electric Bicycle with Sidecar

Vintage Beach Side chain

Vintage Beach Side clutch

Vintage Beach Side Images

Vintage Beach Side Photos

Vintage Beach Side sidecar photos

back side of Vintage Beach Side

dog in Vintage Beach Side

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