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Terrific custom motorbike whihc has V shape
6 years ago


Custom VTM Spacester beauitful model of motorbike is standing in green field for inspiration

Custom VTM Spacester looks like something out of Tron Legacy. The man behind the beast isn’t Jeff Bridges, but rather Bernard ‘Buck’ Massart of the French custom motorcycle shop VTM (V-Twin Mechanic).

Once this was done he extended the heat-sink fins to join the cylinders and give the engine a unique and very clean look. Bernard then set about hand fabricating a frame from scratch, ensuring it flowed seamlessly from front to back

Two men are ridding Custom VTM Spacester on a road

He also created engine/transmission covers to maintain the minimalist look of the drivetrain. The front end came straight off of a Yamaha R1 (shortened by 3 inches) and those front rim mounted discs were hand-made.


Bike Name    SpaceSter
Model    XL1200
Engine Make/Size    Sportster 1200 cc
Drivetrain    Barnett hydraulic
Frame Make/Type    Owner, perimetric rigid
Wheels Front    Suzuki 2.75 x 18

A beautiful and stylistic motobike of  Custom VTM Spacester for inspiration

Wheels Rear    Suzuki 4 x 18
Tires Rear    Avon 160/60-18
Tires Front    Avon 110/80-18
Front End    Yamaha -3″ – inverted
Stretch    0
Rake    Stock
Swingarm    None
Brakes Front    Owner – perimetric discs + scooter caliper
Brakes Rear    Owner – disc by owner and scooter caliper

Attractive model of  Custom VTM Spacester is standing with a nice look

Terrific custom motorbike whihc has V shape

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