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BMW R80, the Urban Scrambler by Urban Rider
4 years ago

Urban Scrambler BMW R80 by Urban Rider

BMW R80, the Urban Scrambler by Urban Rider

“Urban Rider” is a quality Motoshop, located on the New King’s Road in London. It sells gloves, motorcycle helmets and other equipments. In addition, the guys serve scooters, as well as Will and Andrew are engaged in customizing. In the past, we looked at their project based on the Triumph Bonneville, and now propose to evaluate urban scrambler “Urban Rider R80”.

BMW R80 Features:

Donor: BMW R80, bought on eBay
Frame: facilitated and repainted Powder
Wheels, fork and pendulum too repainted
Engine: rebuilt, new valve guides, new rings
Electrical system: completely redesigned the harness, which is easier and more efficient
Saddle: homemade
Exhaust silencers in the GP-style, modern design collector
Other details, new shock absorbers, steering Renthal, digital speedometer Koso, pens Biltwell
Tires: Continental TKC 80

Urban Scrambler BMW R80 Photos

Urban Scrambler BMW R80 Pictures

Urban Rider R80 silencers

Urban Scrambler BMW R80 front light

Urban Scrambler BMW R80 Images

Urban Scrambler BMW R80 LOGO

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