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Custom Triumph Scrambler
4 years ago

Triumph Scrambler by Dagger Cycles

Custom Triumph Scrambler

Motorcycle Triumph Scrambler is the newest creation of specialists “Dagger Cycles” together with Roberto ‘Roby’ Polizzi, who is fond of motorcycles from an early age. In the past, he worked at the store for the sale of spare parts, and now works with friends in the studio “Dagger Cycles”, which was named after two daggers tattooed on his arm Roby.

Project details of Triumph Scrambler:

Donor: Triumph Scrambler
Owner and contractor: Herbert
Fuel tank: revamped and repainted
Rear fender and seat: remade
Frame: native, unmodified (customer request)
Details Dagger Cycles: turn signals, side panels cladding, motocross wheel, and dashboard
Exhaust: Arrow
Tires: Continental
Speedometer: Acewell
Lighting fixtures: Bates Replica
Rear suspension: adjustable dampers Gazi

Triumph Scrambler by Dagger Cycles Photos

Triumph Scrambler by Dagger Cycles Pictures

Custom Triumph Scrambler LOGO

Custom Triumph Scrambler Meter

Custom Triumph Scrambler on Stand

Custom Triumph Scrambler silencer

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