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Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie
2 years ago

The Top Five Fastest Cruiser Motorcycles In The World

Cruisers have a long wheelbase vs the short wheelbase of the sportbike. Cruiser Motorcycles are just a more stable platform, so they launch faster and straightener with more control. A big Cruiser Motorcycles might be able to go 80mph at the top of third or forth gear.

Cruiser Motorcycles are beginner friendly and come with below advantages.

One of the best advantages of cruisers is comfort. Cruisers are designed for long trips on flat, even surfaces. They provide a comfortable, relaxed style of riding that many bikers prefer. If you want to ride your motorcycle long distances, you want to get a cruiser for this very reason.

Cruisers have a style of itself. You wouldnt like the Terminator on a Ninja. Some bikers would even argue that cruisers are more stylish than any other bike style available. You can even decorate a cruiser with chrome bits, logos and other items for a more unique, personalized look.

  1. Yamaha Star VMAX: 2.5 secondsYamaha Star VMAX: 2.5 seconds
  2. Ducati Diavel: 2.8 seconds.Ducati Diavel: 2.8 seconds

3. Triumph Rocket Roadster: 3.3 seconds

Triumph Rocket Roadster: 3.3 seconds

4. Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie: 3.3 seconds. Harley-Davidson

Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

5. Harley-Davidson V-Rod: 3.59 seconds

Harley-Davidson V-Rod

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