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7 years ago

Top 10 Astonishing New Chopper Designs

Chopper Designs

A chopper is a category of motorcycle that was either modified from an original motorcycle design or built from scratch to have an authentic appearance or to have a candid look. The main characteristics of a chopper that make it stand out are its longer unique frame design accompanied by a stretch front end.

To achieve a longer front end, while the frame is being designed, the fabricator will tilt the neck of the frame at less of an incline and install a longer fork. Another exclusive aspect of a chopper design is that there is usually no rear suspension meaning the frame of the motorcycle will extend from the neck (or front of the frame) all the way to the rear wheel.

We composed a list of Top 10 very innovative yet stylish assortments to all our fans. Hope you guys like them

Crazy Custom Choppers

Chopper Crazy Designs

Crazy Chopper Motercycle designs

Crazy Chopper Moto Desings

Crazy Chopper Designs

Crazy Chopper Designs

Crazy Chopper Bycycle Designs

Chopper Designs

Crazy New Chopper Designs


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