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7 years ago

The Sportsman Flyer

The Sportsman Flyer Company started not as a business, but as a hobby. Here we feature one of its stunning creations the Sportsman Flyer a custom tribute Board Track Racing bike manufacture in Gilroy, California. This red ‘Racer’ model is said to be “true to its namesake. Sportsman Flyer has two-stroke single cylinder 66cc Grubee engine which gives around 9.4 horses of power, with a top speed of 30mph.

Its unique middle frame tube in the front triangle is very similar in shape to early motorcycles. Pedal power can also be used as an option. Kit prices start at $1,250 for this model, that includes the frame, tank and springer forks. Let’s checkout photos!

Sportsman Flyer Racer Model side view

Sportsman Flyer Racer Model Engine

Sportsman Flyer handle and fuel tank

The Stunning Sportsman Flyer frone view

Sportsman Flyer Racer Model

The Sportsman Flyer Handle and Breaks

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