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The New Electric Scooter BMW C Evolution
5 years ago

The New Electric Scooter BMW C Evolution

The New Electric Scooter BMW C Evolution

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW introduced a new electric scooter BMW C Evolution, posting additional photos and specifications. The Bavarian manufacturer has spent a lot of time and effort to test and develop new products, so imposes on electric scooter high hopes. BMW specialists believe that an electric scooter is the perfect solution for the city. However, in this regard will be the deciding factor in the cost of new items as the output from BMW was never cheap.

Specifications and Features of BMW C Evolution:

Innovative electric drive system: Drive to the pendulums, a synchronous motor with permanent magnets, liquid-cooled, belt-driven transmission gear
Rated power: 11 kW (standard ECE R85), peak – 35 kW
Maximum torque: 72 Nm
Maximum speed: 120 km / h
Acceleration 0-50 km / h in 2.7 with
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 6.2 to
The maximum range of 100 miles
4 modes: Road, Eco Pro, Sail and Dynamic
System Torque Control Assist (TCA)
High-voltage battery with 8 kWh, an innovative air cooling
Advanced regenerative braking
Recharge from the usual supply: 4:00 – 220 V / 12 A, 3:00 – 220 V / 16 A
Hybrid chassis, low center of gravity
Excellent braking system ABS +
TFT color display
LED daytime running light

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