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The Mouse Trap by Deus Ex Machina
6 years ago

The Mouse Trap by Deus Ex Machina

The Mouse Trap by Deus Ex Machina

Custom bike builder Deus ex Machina got the ability to produce some of the most unique and off the wall customs. “The Mouse Trap” is another elegant custom build this time by Deus Sydney garage. Based on the 225cc Yamaha Scorpio “The Mouse Trap” is a sprightly commuter bike with its unique style and excellent handling capabilities.

In order to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter from the bike, Deus completely tore down the Scorpio. They redesign the subframe, added K&N filters and powdercoated the whole lot, along with forks and swingarm. The tank was also a custom item with an awesome illustration of “Tom cat”. The Mouse Trap with its attractive style grabs the attention of everyone from anywhere it goes. It is really a perfect built.

Left side view


Gauge and handle

Fuel Tank

Custom Seat


Back side

The Mouse Trap

via: Deus ex Machina


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