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Desmohog by Crossbreed Cycles on stand
6 years ago

The Desmohog: A Unique Custom Bike

Desmohog by Crossbreed Cycles on stand

Desmohog custom bike may be one of the craziest creations we’ve seen in a while. The very impressive Desmo-Harley engine was built by Chris Barber from Crossbreed Cycles. Chris does most of the work himself, from drawing up CAD images of what he wants to build, to engineering it all himself.

The engine consists of Ultima cases, Ducati 900ss Desmo heads fitted to modified Harley cylinders. Carillo Rods with flat top Keith Black pistons attached to a stock stroke crankshaft is such a great idea and it’s functioning perfectly! Looking at the finished Desmohog you can clearly see where passion can take you.

Desmohog by Chris Barber powered by the DesmoHarley engine

Desmohog by Chris Barber Parts

Desmohog by Crossbreed Cycles seat

Desmohog by Chris Barber engine

Desmohog by Chris Barber back

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