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Motorcycle Avinton Collector Photos
5 years ago

The Collector Who Rejects the Limits – Motorcycle Avinton

Motorcycle Avinton Collector Photos

About seven years ago, a small French manufacturer “Wakan Motorcycles” presented his motorcycle masterpiece Wakan 1640 that was equipped with 1640-cc V-twin engine S & S. The primary objective of the project was to design and build a bike for a similar ideology with the ideology of the car AC Cobra that is, set up the large muscle motor in a light and a small chassis, which is typical for a European school.

Bike turned out really cool, but after years of news from Wakan appeared less and less. In the end, after the failure of the search for investors to a standstill, to produce failed. Fortunately, Wakan and development will not be forgotten, as the French firm returns in a new guise.

Motorcycle Avinton Collector - Gold

Now, the French manufacturer called “Avinton Motorcycles” released a new model called “Collector”. This is the same Wakan 1640. The motorcycle is equipped with a 1640 cc engine S & S V2 (45 degrees), 120 hp at 5 750 r / min and torque of 163 Nm at 4250 r / min. High performance with the 195 kg weight of the bike. Air intakes are false tank and the fuel tank is located directly under the saddle. New Avinton Collector is available in three versions: GT, Race and Roadster. In addition, there is the fourth version of Avinton Collector Cult, which allows the customer to select different custom options. Customization can be assessed by looking at the photo.

Motorcycle Avinton Collector

At this stage Avinton Motorcycles are working to create a distribution network around the world.

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