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2 years ago

The 25 Most Creative Bike Sculpture All Around The World

Here’s some more amazing bike artwork and you can actually make it yours for a charitable donation!
We have collected more than 150 pictures stunning sculpture of bike art all around the world with hundreds of votes, and made the final list of the 25 most creative bike sculptures for you:)

3D sculptures

2013-07-18_30_sculptures bikes art sculpture 1 bikes art sculpture 2 bikes art sculpture 3 bikes art sculpture 4

Cardboard art by Chris Gilmour - 2007 High res images from Daily Mail pix

Chopper custom confederate motorcycles Cool Bike Sculptures custom bikes excitebike-pixel-bike External Brain free the wheels 2 free the wheels 3 free the wheels Metal Motorcycle Sculpture Metal sculpture Archives Motorcycle Ice Sculpture Motorcycle Magazines


Siren of TI Chopper Tim Hawkinson - BOOOOOOOM! zadig motorcycles

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