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Madella Simone’s Tesla E-Max Bike
6 years ago

Tesla E-max Motorbike By Madella Simone

Madella Simone’s Tesla E-Max Bike

The Tesla E-max is a far-out but amazing electric motorbike concept that features modern technologies and an incredible aesthetic. To supplement power to its two in-wheel motors, its body is covered with a top layer of piezolectric material that converts compression strength into electricity. Not only has that but a second layer of Halite fiber converts the heat of a human body into extra electricity.

Tesla E-max is a truly outstanding concept design that really compel the bikers to take the ride on this blushing superbike. Enjoy the pictures below:

Tesla E-max Motorbike by Madella Simone

Tesla E-max Motorbike

Tesla E-Max concept bike design

Tesla E-Max

Amazing concept bike Tesla E-Max

Madella Simone’s Tesla E-Max Bike

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