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2012 Benelli TNT 899 Review is staanding for getting inspiration of people
6 years ago

Sportbike Profile Series: 2012 Benelli TNT 899

Beautiful Black Colorful 2012 Benelli TNT 899 Review is standing on the road

In all, 2012 is certainly an exceptional year with the consolidation of the existing organization of production, with a view to the gradual introduction of new models that offer the icing on the cake of Benelli and years manufacturer five since the brand began again after the acquisition to be completed QJ.

Calibre takes foremost earliness: the large chore of investigation, nonindustrial and fine-tuning the full 2012 extent has allowed us to succeed the maximal standards on the industry and indorse the Benelli buyer reliability, optimized hydrocarbon uptake and fastidious cycle expression. And that naturally includes the joy of traveling a Benelli, which is the characteristic, must trait of every motorbike that comes off the gathering connector of the Pesaro being.

2012 Benelli TNT 899 Review  is staanding for getting inspiration of people

Slight artistic modifications and new flag instrument hit the compass straight many catchy for regularize the shrewdest motorcyclists, who will realize the chassis features and the unequaled adult of the Benelli three-cylinder engine.


Engine and Performance

Powerful Engine of 2012 Benelli TNT 899 Review

When it comes to engine and performance, Benelli makes a great choice by assigned the DOHC with three cylinder, four-stroke of 12 valves and liquid engine to power the 2012 TNT 899 sportbike. Carburetion is in injection form which matches the Euro 3 while the ignition system is digital-inductive type and transfers via engine management. The gearbox is in six-speed with the transmission in 525 chain type.

Design, Chassis, and Frame

Classisics of Yellow color2012 Benelli TNT 899 Review

The 2012 Benelli TNT 899 Italian sportbike is constructed from ASD steel tube trellis with boxed section. The front suspension is an upside down fork, while the rear us ASD steel tube trellis swingarm. Benelli uses the power-to-weight ratio to distribute the balance weight all over the body which eventually will affect the power transfer as well.

Other Features

The other technical features for the 2012 Benelli TNT 899 are including the tubeless radial tires, Brembo brake system – the front is twin floating disc with 4 piston caliper, while the rear is single disc with twin piston caliper.

Yellow color 2012 Benelli TNT 899 Review  is standing near wall

Red Color 2012 Berelli TNT 899 Review motorbike

Front View of  2012 Berelli TNT 899 Review

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