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Custom Motorcycle ‘Motonero Black Roadster’
4 years ago

Spectacular Custom Motorcycle ‘Motonero Black Roadster’

Custom Motorcycle ‘Motonero Black Roadster’

Motonero is small but well known workshop in Bristol, western England. Over the past 20 years, a local customizer John has built incredible custom Guzzis, and earned the respect from all British motorcycle fans of the Italian manufacturer. However, he was virtually unknown outside of Albion. You may have seen John projects, but did not know who built them.

John is interested in motorcycles, adopting the hobby from his older brother. First bike was a British master 250 cc Triumph Trailblazer, bought in 1974. Since then, John had a lot of different bikes and built a lot of custom bikes Moto Guzzi. In this post we suggest to consider one of the projects of the British. “I haven’t had a Guzzi in standard form for decades”, – explains John. However, this bike is the first major project in which the British introduced not only cosmetic modifications, but also upgraded the frame and built a number of custom parts.

Motonero Black Roadster Project Details:

Frame Moto Guzzi 1975
Section homemade saddle dark matter (marine vinyl)
Engine Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000S 90s + 40mm carburetors
Maximum speed: 210 km / h
Mistral Exhaust stainless steel (Italy)
Paioli inverted fork from the bike Kevlar Laverda Zane 650 1990, traverse native, modified steering column
Brakes: 4-piston calipers Brembos, wavy discs
Wheel: Guzzi T3 1970, 17-inch front, 18-inch rear
Tires: 130/80 Bridgestone BT45 (rear) and 110/80 Aero Speed (front)

Motonero Black Roadster Pictures

Motonero Black Roadster seat

Motonero Black Roadster shocks

Motonero Black Roadster silencer

Moto Guzzi

Motonero Black Roadster front light

Motonero Black Roadster front side on stand

Motonero Black Roadster Images

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