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Racing Motorcycle - Kreidler RMC Racer 2013
6 years ago

Racing Motorcycle – Kreidler RMC Racer 2013

Racing Motorcycle - Kreidler RMC Racer 2013

Is it possible that 50 cc racing bike was brilliant without decals and stickers sponsors? The answer to this question is simple, if you look at the motorcycle Kreidler RMC, which is striking in its flawless metallic beauty. Kreidler RMC Racer was reworked by Dutch master and motorcycle racer Edwin Sweers.


Edwin bought a motorcycle Kreidler RMC in 1985, when he was only 16 years old. Now 50-cc motorcycle engine produces 19 hp at 13 500 r / min (maximum speed – 15 000), equivalent to almost get liter 400 hp For several years Edwin old German riding a motorcycle on DOPam, but then altered it into a racing bike to participate in the Dutch series. In 2010, he achieved the first victory.

Rider on Kreidler RMC Racer

Despite the many alterations, chassis design was archaic, while the front suspension borrowed from the motorcycle Honda RS125, while the rear bumper installed Öhlins. In fact, the crankcase and the steel frame remained from the original motorcycle. On the other side of the crankcase was slightly redesigned to establish a six-speed gearbox and cylinder cooling water from a modern motorcycle Derbi. Edwin also uses electronic ignition and custom exhaust system, which consists of five interchangeable parts, so you can experiment to achieve maximum performance.

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