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Ossa Copa 250, CRD#7
6 years ago

Ossa Copa ‘Grand Prix’ by Cafe Racer Dreams

Ossa Copa 250, CRD#7

Café Racer Dreams is a Spanish custom shop with a sleek and pared-back style. For the ‘Grand Prix’ build CRD looked in the timeline of history and in their own backyard they picked up a 1979 Ossa Copa 250, which became the base for their CRD #7 build. Cafe Racer Dreams have taken this solid base and turned it in to an entirely different kind of bike.

The Grand Prix is powered by a two stroke, 250cc single cylinder engine with four fins and four transfers inherited from the Cross. CRD has strengthened the frame and rebuilt the motor, fitting a Mikuni 38 carb and a hand-made exhaust system. They fitted a race replica tank and the tail unit from a Yamaha, and all the electrical system has been simplified to clean up this beauty. Take a look!

Ossa Copa 250 by Cafe Racer Dreams

1979 Ossa Copa 250

Ossa Copa 250 on stand

1979 Ossa Copa 250 headlight

Ossa Copa 250 overview

Ossa Copa 250 CRD#7 Grand Prix seat

Via: CRD

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