New Alpinestars Shoes ‘Faster’ 2014
5 years ago

New Alpinestars Shoes ‘Faster’ 2014

New Alpinestars Shoes ‘Faster’ 2014

Equipment manufacturer Alpinestars presented a collection Motor boot “Faster”, created for those who are willing to sacrifice safety for the sake of style and comfort. Boots particularly suitable for those who travel around the city and lots of walks. Alpinestars prudently released several versions: Faster, Faster Vented and Stella Faster (for girls).

Specifications of Alpinestars Faster Shoes:

Top: microfiber
Uvula and edging: soft tissue
Rear reflectors
Circular clasp, adjustable velcro
Thermoplastic protector finger protector urethane ankle
Finger protection, protection of the heel
Lightweight rubber sole
Approximate price: $ 130

Alpinestars Faster Shoes 2014

Alpinestars Faster

Alpinestars Faster red and black

Alpinestars Faster Shoe

Alpinestars Faster Vented Shoes

Alpinestars Faster Vented Shoes - White

Alpinestars Faster Vented Shoes - black and red

Alpinestars Faster Vented Shoes - black

Alpinestars Stella Faster Shoes

Alpinestars Stella Faster Shoes for girls

Alpinestars Stella Faster Shoes

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