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Moto Undone on road
6 years ago

Moto Undone E-Bike Concept by Joey Ruiter

Moto Undone on road

Moto Undone by Joey Ruiter may not look like your standard motorbike, but it is clearly more interesting than your standard cruiser.  It seems to be a motorcycle encased in a block of ice, or trapped in a billet of aluminum. The vehicle is stripped of all ornamentation and it’s not even painted, leaving raw material as the main focal point.

It is powered by a 1000W, 48V electric hub motor that gives it a range of 90 miles, or about 3 hours. The reflective aluminum makes the bike nearly invisible and creates the illusion of a floating rider. Enjoy the images about Joey Ruiter’s Moto Undone Electric Motorcycle below:

Moto Undone by Joey Ruiter

Moto Undone by Joey Ruiter Front view

Joey Ruiter‘s latest concept bike

Amazing concept bike Moto Undone by Joey Ruiter

Moto Undone by Joey Ruiter at workshop

Moto Undone on road

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