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Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le Mans
6 years ago

Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le Mans by Matt Machine

Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le Mans

The Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le Mans is the most famous and iconic motorcycles built by Matt Machine, one of Australia’s top custom motorcycle builders. It was first built in1976 by Italian company Moto Guzzi, since then it has gone through various changes and widely seen as sports motorcycle.

When the Guzzi first bought to Matt the engine of the bike was already significantly modified, with a kit that increased the capacity from 850cc to 950cc. An expert for Moto Guzzi Peter Roper tweaks the clutch and gearbox. The bodywork is alloy, which was handmade by Matt himself. Then they added new front guard, dashboard, fairing, new tail section, rear guard and a modified fuel tank. The result is fantastic. Check out!

On stand

Right side view


Moto Guzzi Mark 1

Fuel tank

On road

Back view

Matt Machine


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