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6 years ago


Ipothesys Motorcycle

Here’s a new Italian motorcycle brand that everyone should look forward to. Ipothesys Motorcycles showcased a stunning makeover of the Cafe Racer. Its features include lightweight wheels, Brembo brakes, Bitubi monoshocks, Ergal Triple Trees, Marzocchi forks, revamped suspension, and 1200cc eight valve motor. The front and rear of the frame have been heavily modified to accommodate the custom tank and bodywork. The suspension is all-new. Up front are massive Marzocchi SBK-spec RAC 50mm forks and Ergal triple trees, and there’s a premium-spec Bitubo XXF-11 monoshock at the back.

Built by Filippo Barbacane from Officine Rossopuro it’s a revision of the naked Guzzi cruiser that upgrades it’s looks and it’s handling to become a performance focused street racer. The Ipothesys is planned to be release in kit form that will offer owners the option to change the front configuration of the bike (full fairing to half) and rear (one or two up) which makes it a very unique custom upgrade.

Two moto guzzi custom ipothosys side by side

moto guzzi custom ipothosys

Headlights of Moto Guzzi Ipothesys

Oiltank of Moto Guzzi Ipothesys

ipothesys moto guzzi Right side view

Back side view of ipothesys

Engine of ipothesys

Ipothesys Moto Guzzi griso

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