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Special Custom Bike for Actor Mickey Rourke
6 years ago

Mickey Rourke Custom Motorcycle by RSD

Special Custom Bike for Actor Mickey Rourke

Famous actor Mickey Rourke and Roland Sands Design have just completed the project started nearly a year ago, to build a very special custom bike in memory of Mickey’s best friend who passed away named Loki. Mickey Rourke’s bike is just about as interesting as you might expect, Mickey Rourke himself seems to have been around forever.

Powered by the 156Nm engine, this lightweight V-Twin is fitted with a Stage 2 Bolt-On Power Package from Revolution Performance, increasing horsepower to 120 and torque to 115ft lbs. From a design perspective, Roland Sands Design went for a white, black and gold finish as per Mickey’s request. Fabrication work on Rourke’s bike included a one off hand-fabricated fuel tank, oil bag and a seat pan with an adjoining tail section.

Mickey Rourke Custom Motorcycle

Mickey Rourke

On stand

Bike's Parts

Front view

Gold finish


Mickey Rourke's Bike on road


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