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MC Tiger 45 by Foundry Motorcycle
4 years ago

MC Tiger 45 by Foundry Motorcycle

MC Tiger 45 by Foundry Motorcycle

Beautiful MC Tiger 45 is a latest project of the masters from “Foundry Motorcycle”, who made every effort to build an interesting and unusual bike. Above the bike worked wizard Tom and Simon, who work in Chichester, England. They also run a coffee shop and online store.

Features of MC Tiger 45:

Customer: a big fan of Bobber
Donor: Harley-Davidson Sportster
Unnecessary details have been sold through eBay, to offset the costs: orange tank, large wings, risers, handlebars, saddle
Wheels: 18-inch rear, front 19-inch
Rear suspension
Tires: Avon Roadrider
Frame: virtually original, rebuilt subframe
Fuel tank: Triumph T100, redone
Wheel: Biltwell Tracker
Levers: Custom Tech
Switches: Moto Gadget M
Engine: visually facilitated by alteration covers
Homemade items: saddle, exhaust with thermal tape, taillight
Speedometer: Digital
Headlight: 7-inch classic lamp

Foundry MC Tiger 45 Pictures

Foundry MC Tiger 45 silencer

Foundry MC Tiger 45 back side photos

Foundry MC Tiger 45 break

Foundry MC Tiger 45 clutch

Foundry MC Tiger 45 engine Pix

Foundry MC Tiger 45 fron side images

Foundry MC Tiger 45 front light

Foundry MC Tiger 45 fuel tank

Foundry MC Tiger 45 on road

Foundry MC Tiger 45 on stand

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