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4 years ago

MAHMUT’S Yamaha RS200

MAHMUT’S Yamaha RS200 Pictures

Pencil is a great design tool, unless, of course, to be able to use it. Using a pencil, you can quickly sketch or concept of anything that is in your mind. For example, Mahmut is a car designer who nourishes a particular penchant for motorcycles and customizing. In order to introduced his design needs, he opened a company named “Life in Paradigm”.

His first project, Mahmut dedicates to a dear friend and artist Ayesha Bhangra Mendi, who died under tragic circumstances. Mahmut used motorcycle 1981 Yamaha RS200 as a basis, which he bought it in 360 pounds.

Details and features of 1981 Yamaha RS200:

– Down fork with shorter springs
– Upgraded with new rear suspension shock absorbers
– Engraving on the engine cover, which is reminiscent of his friend Ayesha
– Copper plaque
– Homemade wheel
– Leather saddle, handcrafted
– New speedometer
– Paint in coffee color
– Customize exhaust
– A custom lubrication system

MAHMUT’S Yamaha RS200 Sketch

MAHMUT’S Yamaha RS200 front side photos

MAHMUT’S Yamaha RS200 Fuel tank

MAHMUT’S Yamaha RS200 Meter

Yamaha RS200 by Life in Paradigm

In the Memory of Ayesha Bhangra

MAHMUT’S Yamaha RS200 front headlight

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