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Indian Chief 1946 - The First Motorcycle of Steve McQueen
5 years ago

Indian Chief 1946 – The First Motorcycle of Steve McQueen

Indian Chief 1946 - The First Motorcycle of Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen is one of the most legendary figures in the history of the motorcycle. The man’s name is synonymous with motorcycles and everything connected with them. In his very colorful life of Steve rode a variety of bikes, and even participated in various races. Of course, the movie “The Great Escape” McQueen did a really famous.

Over a lifetime, Steve McQueen owned a lot of motorcycles, however, the first bike has always held a special place in the heart of the famous actor. This bike was an old Indian Chief, which Steve bought long before this, he became rich and famous.

In the biography of Steve McQueen, written by William Nolan, tells the story. So, Fall 1951: “… (Steve) much to save money to buy a motorcycle with a sidecar was killed.” McQueen himself admitted: “This was the first motorcycle, and I loved it. Traveled with the girl, who began to hate the carriage. She asked me to make a choice: either it or the bike! Choice was simple – she’s gone. ”

In the early 1990s, the first motorcycle Steve McQueen was renovated, but worked on the bike master tried to leave as much of the original parts, i.e. no task was to make “candy.” Today, Indian Chief motorcycle in 1946 and in excellent working condition. August 1-3, it will be sold at auction “Auctions America” in Los Angeles.

According to some projections auctioneers plan to bail out from 75 000 to 125 000.

Indian Chief 1946 back skelton

Indian Chief 1946 front pictures

Indian Chief 1946 Meter

Indian Chief 1946  of Steve McQueen

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