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Iconic Motorcycle Yamaha TDM Triple Concept
4 years ago

Iconic Motorcycle Yamaha TDM Triple Concept 2014

Iconic Motorcycle Yamaha TDM Triple Concept

Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi continues to experiment on three-cylinder Yamaha. This time, he decided to imagine how it will look iconic motorcycle Yamaha TDM, if the Japanese manufacturer decides to equip its new power-train.

Many fans of Yamaha TDM (a849 cc two-cylinder motorcycle) can be skeptical and do not believe that Yamaha will breathe new life into the good old TDM. Unfortunately, the way it is, although there is still a glimmer of hope. On the other hand, the three-cylinder motorcycle Yamaha TDM could be a competitor MT-09. The fact that the latest generation of Yamaha TDM really been focused on the use of the road, although the earlier models had a great base motorcycle was practical and multi-tasking.

In any case, modern Yamaha TDM with spoke wheels and good suspension would extend the range of Yamaha MT, although in this regard the Japanese manufacturer seems to have already decided, with its development strategy of MT-series.

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