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6 years ago

How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles (Book Review)


Gary LaPlante, owner of MotoVentures Training, Tour, and Trials services in Anza, California, has written a new book titled: How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles. In this book, LaPlante shares his 43-plus years of riding, racing, testing and working on motorcycles, with present information in a clear manner that is easy to understand. This book will be helpful, if you’re buying your first bike or making the transition from recreational riding to competition. This book is available all major bookstore chains and retails for $27.99.


From the trail from motorcycle experts and racing professionals throughout North America, The book features 176 pages and is filled with full-color photographs, riding tips, practice exercises and entertaining tales. This book has been written for all beginning motorcycle riders and for any performance-oriented motorcycle rider, to take their riding to the next level. Topic like basic skills and key fundamentals has been covered in 21 chapters of this book including wheelies, brakeslides jumping, top 10 Reasons, motocross, trials, and a glossary of terms.


In each chapter there is valuable advice from a wide range of motorcycle riding experts or racing professionals but Chapter 19 is important for street riders in which LaPlante provides the top-10 reasons why dirt riding is great for street riders.

1. Dirt bikes are a better tool for the job of learning how to ride.
2. Dirt bikes are better to develop your “feel” for motorcycle controls.
3. Dirt to a better place to learn braking and turning skills and their limits.
4. Dirt is a better place to become accustomed to speed.
5. Dirt bikes are designed for crashing so you can better explore your limits.
6. Dirt riding develops improved visual habits.
7.Dirt is a better place to learn good riding judgment.
8. Dirt riding is a better place to learn how to help your bike.
9.Dirt riding is a better place to learn the importance of staying on line.
10. Dirt is a better overall environment for learning to ride motorcycles.


For information on how to purchase the book, visit the MotoVentures Dirt Rider Department Store.

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