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6 years ago

Honda CBX1000 RAW Cafe Racer

Honda stopped making CBX1000 bikes in 1982 and those which are left are valuable pieces. This CBX has a spectacular presence with 6-cylinder engine and really a fun bike to drive in the world of big bikes. Ryan has just done a wonderful job turning the street fighter into a cafe-racer with tons of attitude. Vaughan had the perfect prerequisites to change the casual CBX1000 into the bike he now calls “RAW”, being a very good coach-builder and therefore used to creating new shapes out of the air.

Most likely delivering a sound beyond belief, Vaughan gave up the original two 3-in-1 exhausts and has endowed the RAW with no less than 6 pipes. The parts of Ducati 1098R like wheel, clamps, fork and brakes has been fitted while rear wheel and caliper comes from Ducati 999. Retro tail light and Rear Ohlins shocks complete this RAW.

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