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6 years ago

High-Tech Motorcycle Gadget Buyers Guide


 In this post, I am going to reveal some niftiest gadgets for the addicted gear geeks among you. Today, many motorcyclists like Inspector Gadget and widget to fight against inconvenience, discomfort and weather. More and more of today’s bikes have heated grips/seats, iPod integration, tire pressure monitors and more. Now industries have to lead growth in the number of high-tech gadgets for motorcyclists. Let’s check out the some amazing gadgets given below.

1. GPS

Garmin zumo 220

Some think that getting lost is stressful but other said that, lost is part of the adventure, essential to the escape of motorcycling. There are many GPS (Global Positioning System) mady by Garmion but zumo 550/660/665 with price $649.99-$799.99 which is quite expensive. Enter the zumo 220 ($399.99) with full-color touchscreen 3.5-inch display, Bluetooth compatibility, lane assist, voice prompts, preloaded maps and more.


Spot Connect

Use your smartphone as a kickstand pad, if you have you have a problem out in the boondocks, off the cellphone grid because it will be good for little else. For everyone from backcountry skiers to off-the-beaten-path motorcyclists, Spot Satellite Messengers have been lifesavers. The Spot Connect ($169.99, plus $99/year) allowing you to send messages, emails or send your GPS coordinates to emergency responders.



 Motion Pro Tools

Motion Pro has two items that belong in every on-bike toolkit. The MP Tool Metric ($58.99) is a hard nickel multi-tool that removes metric bolts (8/10/12/14mm), Phillips (#2/#3) and straight-slot screws and Allen bolts (5/6mm), includes 1/4- and 3/8-inch socket drivers and 1/4-inch drive sockets (10/12mm), all in a convenient carrying case (a SAE tool is also available). And when light is right, add Motion Pro’s trick TiProlight Titanium four-piece Wrench Set (8/10/12/14mm; $112.99).


Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot

Motorcyclists will be vulnerable to flat tires, As long as motorcycles run on pneumatic tires.The 1.7-pound kit comes with 15 mushroom-shaped rubber plugs that work on all tubeless tires. Stop & Go’s Tubeless Puncture Pilot ($64.95) tire repair kit includes a Pocket Tire Plugger and 12V Mini-Air Compressor in a compact zippered case.


Cobra Engineering Fi2000 PowrP

Cobra’s Fi2000 PowrPro Continuously Variable Tuning ($599.95) module takes the guesswork out of fuel management even if you change your exhaust system or make other performance enhancements to your engine.



GoPro HD Hero Camera

GoPro HD Hero Camera is affordable, versatile, durable and easy to use. Documenting your ride on video allows you to relive the experience and share it with others. This camera is 5-megapixel and you can record video (1080p, 960p and 720p HD resolutions with audio). Price $239.99.

GoPro product shoot

UClear Helment Communicator

UClear’s HBC100 Moto Helmet Communicator offering more features and (hopefully) becoming easier to use. Intercom with another UClear headset or take mobile phone calls, and bluetooth pairing allows you to listen to high-fidelity music or GPS commands. Price $229.95



Mobile Warming Apparel

Mobile Warming’s new line of heated clothing uses high-tech fabrics and batteries to make it easy to fend off the elements during your ride. Available in men’s and women’s all sizes in solid colors. Price $179.99-$197.99



Danny Gray Airhawk Seats

Noting is more important than a motorcycle’s seat, when it comes to rider comfort. That are contoured to cradle the anatomy for maximum comfort, Airhawk equipped seats prices start at $479.


RotopaX Fuel Container

RotopaX containers come in various sizes, and multiple containers can be secured together. RotopaX are durable, EPA/CARB compliant fuel containers that can be mounted and locked directly to your motorcycle, ATV, truck, etc. With an anodized aluminum Pack Mount and ECO, a 1-gallon fuel container 9-1/2 x 13-1/4 x 3 inches. Price $74.95


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