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Diesel Scooter Hero RNT Concept Photos
4 years ago

Hero RNT: Hero Unveils a Diesel Scooter Concept

Diesel Scooter Hero RNT Concept Photos

Indian manufacturer Hero MotoCorp continues to work on expanding the range of its products and introduced a series of new products, among which diesel scooter Hero RNT attracts special attention.

Hero officially presented the concept of diesel scooter RNT, which is probably not intended for sale only in India. Novelty is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox and a 150 cc turbo diesel engine: water cooling capacity of 13.5 horsepower and torque of 35 Nm at 1600 rev / min. Obviously, the emphasis is on torque and low fuel consumption. Of course, Hero RNT causes significant problems in design; because nothing is futuristic or even modern in it cannot be traced. Probably had the task of creating a practical plastic, which is very rarely seen in modern concepts of scooters.

Hero RNT Specifications:

Engine: 4-stroke turbo, injector, water cooling
Capacity: 150 cm3
Power: 13.5 hp at 4000 r / min
Torque: 35 Nm at 1600 rpm / min
Transmission: 6-speed
Suspension: 37mm telescopic fork, swingarm with adjustable shock absorber
Brakes: disc, 300mm front disc and caliper, rear 220-mm single-piston caliper and disc
Battery: lead-acid, 13.2 V, 6 A / h,
Maximum speed: 70 km / h
Acceleration 0-60 km / h: 5 seconds
Dimensions: 2029 x 739 x 1077 mm
Ground clearance: 168 mm
Curb weight: 136 kg

Hero RNT, Hero Unveils a Diesel Scooter Concept

Scooter Hero RNT backlight

Scooter Hero RNT Pictures

Hero RNT Mirror Photos

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