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Chicara Art I - 2006
6 years ago

Hand-Crafted Art Motorcycles by Chicara Nagata

Chicara Art I - 2006

Located in the heart of Geneva MB&F’s magical M.A.D. Gallery is an originative platform which presents Mechanical Art Devices and Horological Machines from around the globe. It is currently featuring an exhibit of motorcycles-turned-art by Japanese artist Chicara Nagata.

Since last two decades Chicara Nagata devoting his full time and energy in the creation of various art pieces. He has hand-fabricated about 500 motorcycle components, finished in brass, copper, gleaming steel and chrome. Chicara Nagata is currently showing his three bikes at the M.A.D. Gallery including Chicara Art One, Chicara Art Three and Chicara Art Four. Chicara’s motorcycles are retro-futuristic in style and spirit, take a look!

Chicara Art I Left view

Right Side view

Close view

Chicara Art III - 2008

Close view Chicara Art III

Chicara Art III

Chicara Art IV - 2008

Right side view of Chicara Art IV

Chicara Nagata

Showing Chicara Nagata Bikes


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