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Putt Mossman
4 years ago

The 10 Greatest Motorcycle Stunt Riders of All Time

10- Gary Wells

Like all the teenagers Gary as well has a love for daring moments. He started this very early in his age when he sets a world record with a jump of 176 feet 4 inches. The world was open for him and he moved on and did some great stunts of all time. In early 90’s he moved to mexico and started to guide some off-road riders.

Gary Wells

9- Doug Domokos

Doug was a classic rider and known by the name of “The Wheelie king” in the motorcycle world. His peak time of career was in 80’s and 90’s. His longest record is a continuous wheelie for an incredible 145 miles. He died in an aircraft crash in 2000. He got inducted into the motorcycle museum Hall of Fame in Ohio.

Doug Domokos

8-Putt Mossman

Putt Mossman was one of the legend in the history of stunt riders. According to some analysts, he was the famous stunt motorcyclists in the first half of 20th century. He later went to the different parts of the world to perform stunts and gathered a fame of his life time. He died at the age of 88.

Putt Mossman

7- Robbie Knievel

He was a son of the famous stunt rider “Evel”. He worked with his father and helped him to put on some great stunt shows. His career achievement includes 350 jumps and 20 world records.

robbie knievel

6- Eddie Kidd

A famous stunt rider in Britain in the era of 70’s and 80’s. He worked as a major stunt player in the Hollywood. His specialty and ability was to jump over anything on a bike. He had a crash in 1996 on an event and that crash put him on a wheel chair.

eddie kidd

5- Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team

“The White Helmet” was the first motorcycle display team in the world during 1927. This team consists on soldiers of Royal Signals. Now a team of more than 30 riders can be seen performing stunts in different events but these men were the first to start stunts as a team.

Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team

4- Evel Knievel

Evel was the most daring stunt rider in the history. He made some long jumps on the bikes like Harley Davidson which clearly not designed for long jumps through the air but Evel made it look like the easiest work in the world. In 1970’s Robert Evel Knievel was everywhere.

evel knievel

3- Robbie Maddison

Robbie has an enthusiastic heart, he always want to do something exciting and new. His best stunt was a legendary jump at the Rio All-suite hotel in Las Vegas. With this longest jump of distance 322 feet, this Australian stunt riders made a new world record.

Robbie Maddison

2- Ryan Capes

Ryan Capes break the world record of Maddison in july 2008 at Toes MX park in Royal City, Washington with an amazing 390 feet long jump.

Ryan Capes

1-  Travis Pastrana

Travis is one of the great stunt riders in modern age. He performed his famous stunt in 2006 at the X-Games. For some instance, after performing this stunt, Pastrana made the world stand still. When he started the stunt every one was guessing that something big is coming.

 Travis Pastrana

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