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Gnome et Rhone
6 years ago

Gnome et Rhône Classic Motorcycle

Gnome et Rhone

Gnome et Rhône is a famous name in the circle of vintage aviation, and was considered as the major producer of the French aircraft engine. Most of the people have no idea that the French company was also engaged in building motorcycles from 1920 to early 1950. They manufactured around 3,000 motorcycles between 1920 and 1924 under license from British company ABC.

A talented French engineer and pilot Barthelemy, who was working as an official distributor of the English brand ABC crafted this lovely machine in 1922. Barthelemy completely refined the carburetion system and increased the capacity to 500cc. He also added an oil cooler and oil filter however the gearbox was remained untouched. The current owner of the motorcycle found it in a junk shop and retraced its history.

Front view

Fuel Tank



Motorcycle parts


Back side view


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