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C-1 Gyroscopically motorcycle is standing for attracting other people
6 years ago

Futuristic C-1 Gyroscopically Motorcycle Concept By Lit Motors

C-1 Gyroscopically Motorcycle is a terrfic conceptural motorbike for inspiration

C-1 Gyroscopically Motorcycle Concept by Lit Motors. There are people that are afraid of riding motorcycle because they can’t harmony the bike on a pair of thin tires or they’re afraid because it has no crash cage. C-1 Gyroscopically Power Motorcycle eliminates all those problems in one stylish and cool vehicle design.

C-1 Gyroscopically  motorcycle is standing for attracting other people

At this moment, there are not much details released by the company as they want to keep it quiet, but they promise that they’ll release the press images and videos shortly. The good news is, this company says that they are working really hard to send this concept into production soon, in fact, they promise that you will be able to see C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle in their showroom by the end of 2014.

Top View of C-1 Gyroscopically motorcycle

Roboots are sitting on driving seat of the motorbike for giving demo to drivers

A Beautiful Model is standing near  C-1 Gyroscopically  motorcycle for marketing

Back View of  C-1 Gyroscopically Motorbike

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