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7 years ago

Ferrari F4CC The Most Expensive Production Motorcycle in the World

Beautiful close view of F4 CC

The design of F4 CC was ceated by the Managing Director of MV Agusta, Claudio Castiglioni. This is one of the most expensive production motorcycles in the world. Thie bike is something truly special, something so unique that it has re-written the benchmark in terms of quality, styling and especially performance compared to any production motorcycle that has preceded it. With all these qualities, it has nominal price of $120,000 and only 100 units were produced. The bike has an up-spec engine to 1078cc, 200hp, rated to 315km/h (195 mph) and an abundance of technical upgrades. This bike uses all latest materials like magnesium, titanium and carbon fiber, which accounts for its hefty price tag. It also has a special Brembo braking system designed specially for this bike.

 Beautiful view of F4 CC

Beautiful back light view of F4 CC

F4 CC under lighting

F4 CC in red colour

Black colour F4 CC standing outside house

F4 CC close up chain

F4 CC at the timing of launching

F4 CC standing along side wall

Black colour F4 CC

F4 CC in show room

Rider on F4 CC

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