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DSR Honda GP 250R Cafe Racer by Darrell Schneider
6 years ago

DSR Honda GP 250R Cafe Racer by Darrell Schneider

DSR Honda GP 250R Cafe Racer by Darrell Schneider

There are many people in the world who think and work for concepts such as creativity and inspiration. Someone just refuses to awaken a creative flair, others just watching what happens around, sometimes allowing himself momentarily distracted from everyday life, but there are people who live on this and generating unusual ideas and awakening into new talents. The latter, Darrell Schneider of DS Restorations allowed himself after 25 years experience of restoration cars and switch to take the motorcycle on which he previously could just ride in them periodically pouring gasoline.

Honda GP250R Café Racer Head Lights

As a start Darrell decided to build around Cafe Racer crossover CRF250R. To come up with the motorcycle design, he literally searched through all of Google and down, looking at hundreds of different designs from famous artists such as Ron Woods, Roland Sands, Richard Pollack & Marcus Motos. He designed a new motorcycle that was called DSR GP 250R Cafe Racer.

DSR GP 250R Cafe Racer

CRF250R four-stroke motocross engine Darrell sat in an aluminum frame-house, which he, along with all the associated elements of the motorcycle, such as the frame, seat, battery case, the frame trim tank and tail, very own metal. RaceTech Suspension and Front suspension got on perfectly cast as the rear shock from an expert on motorcycles for mud racing Durelle Racing – together they keep the bike on the 17-inch wheels Sun, wearing tires Michelin. As for the exhaust, it is installed on a motorcycle titanium system from Arrow Special Parts, has lost one of the cans – Darrell just do not like how “fat” looking bikes with dual exhaust behind.

DSR Honda GP 250R Cafe Racer Pics

Let the result looks unusual, but it was such a mixture of various styles and technologies, expressed in Cafe Racer DSR GP 250R Cafe Racer is creativity, which we mentioned at the beginning of the note. Darrell did not wish to stop here and continue to develop the talents!

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