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DOT German Carbon Fiber Motorcycle is a best helmet for protecttion
6 years ago

DOT German Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

DOT German Carbon Fiber Motorcycle is a best helmet for protecttion

DOT German Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet is the latest release is a NEW take on the “CLASSIC GERMAN CARBON FIBER HELMET”. This is not a Novelty Helmet. This helmet protects safely form accidents and the safest helmet in this period. Price of this helmet is $150.00+ range and the reason for that is that they’re worth it. When you consider affordable, comfort, style, freedom. This is the line of helmets all the motorcycle rags were raving about this winter. And it’s not just beautiful. It also means you won’t get caught out there riding with a Novelty Helmet and can get you a ticket if you’re stopped at a check point.

That means you can easily get the freedom and the comfort of a GERMAN CLASSIC STYLE Helmet with the MAXIMUM PROTECTION AVAILABLE IN A GERMAN CLASSIC STYLE HELMET.
No doubt it is a good helmet with protection point of view, but more importantly you don’t have to sacrifice safety or comfort for looks. Weighs of this helmet is less those 2 pounds. Comes with an Owner’s manual, Limited Warranty.


DOT clear coated in the back
Great quality materials and workmanship
DOT Certified: YES
Super light weight – Approximately 30 oz
EPS Liner Thickness – 1 inch
Helmet Bag and Owner’s Manual included
Made from different size shells, not stuffing more padding for smaller size
Quality Plush Interior
You can easily wear glasses with this motorcycle helmet on
Stainless Steel Dual D-rings
Smallest construction — Approximately 8.5 inches from ear to ear and 10.5 inches from front to back
Warranty: 1 Year

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