Classic Motorcycles
6 years ago

Delighting SWM 320TL Machine

In this post we want to show you easy handling vintage motorcycle brands. Powered by a 280cc Rotax engine, it is 320 TL trials. And the owner name of this bike is Lorenzo Buratti This bike is used in a trial which was organized an Italian factory from the 70s to the mid 80s.

This bike was easy to drive with low seat, a place to fix a backpack with sandwiches, two stroke engine with heavy duty, and very unique style.

If we check the condition of the bike, then we see that engine or frame is not repaint. Buratti just painted the exhaust black, polished the forks and fitted a new tank.

The rear fender of this bike got from the front fender of Kawasaki Z900 that is modified with hand grinder. The front fender, handlebar, grips, levers and lights are all swap meet finds.

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