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Yamaha XVS400 Atlas BY Bandit9
5 years ago

Custom Yamaha XVS400 Atlas BY Bandit9

Yamaha XVS400 Atlas BY Bandit9

Yamaha XVS400 Atlas is the fifth project of Daryl Villanueva from the workshop of “Bandit9 Motorcycle Design “in Beijing, China. According to the master, Yamaha XVS400 is not the best choice for a custom-built bike; however, the choice was made to stand. Daryl and his colleagues have tried to show and inspire other artists to build a beautiful Yamaha XVS400 Atlas¬†motorcycle.

Biker on Yamaha XVS400 Atlas

Daryl says: “Not everyone can afford to buy a Triumph or Harley, and not everyone has access to the shops with numerous accessories. However, we believe that such restrictions are the key to the art and invention.”

Custom Yamaha XVS400 Atlas BY Bandit9

On the creation of the design and construction of the Yamaha XVS400 Atlas, Chinese customizer took almost a year, during that time they rebuilt it three times. According to Daryl, the first two concepts were prepared by 95%, but the masters of something they did not like. In this regard, the guys again started to begin accordingly. Finally they built the Yamaha XVS400 Atlas.

Yamaha XVS400 Atlas Fuel Tank and seat

Right side view of Yamaha XVS400 Atlas

Yamaha XVS400 Atlas back light and tire

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