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Custom Yamaha SR500 Pictures by Scramblers Motorcycles
4 years ago

Custom Yamaha SR500 by Scramblers Motorcycles

Custom Yamaha SR500 Pictures by Scramblers Motorcycles

Custom Yamaha SR500 is built by enthusiasts from the workshop “Scramblers Motorcycles”, which is located in Schnaitheim, Southern Germany. Brothers Daniel and Michael Bosch addicted to motocross, skateboarding and snowboarding. In the past they were not interested in road bikes, but something changed when they encountered a beautiful cafe racer that actually made the guys change their mindsets.

Four years they dreamed of building motorcycles, and finally they were able to make the dream a reality. The first draft “Scramblers Motorcycles” is code named KRAD XX1.

Project details:

Donor: Yamaha SR500 1980
Goal: to build a lightweight motorcycle, improve manageability
Engine: bored out, a filter K & N
Simplified electrical system
Customize stretcher
New lighting fixtures, lights Bates
Short wings
Redesigned rear suspension, shock absorbers fitted with long stroke
Native SR wheels with tires Avon
A custom painting and other small items

Custom Yamaha SR500 on stand

Custom Yamaha SR500 Race meter

Custom Yamaha SR500 Seat

Custom Yamaha SR500 upper fuel tank side

Head light of Custom Yamaha SR500


Back side view of Custom Yamaha SR500

Back tire and chain of Custom Yamaha SR500

Custom Yamaha SR500 Fuel Tank

Custom Yamaha SR500 light and shocks

Custom Yamaha SR500 on stand pics

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