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Custom Kawasaki W650 by CRD
5 years ago

Custom Kawasaki W650 by CRD

Custom Kawasaki W650 by CRD

Kawasaki W650 is a fantastic classic motorcycle of Japanese production. This model is discontinued for several years, since replaced it with a new Kawasaki classic W800. Nevertheless, motorcycle Kawasaki W650 is considered extremely successful for both drives as standard, as well as to build custom bikes.

Here we presented a custom creation by Spanish masters Cafe Racer Dreams (CRD). They approached creatively enough to issue rework on classic Kawasaki. First, the guys used old tank from the motorcycle Honda CG125. Second, pay attention to the rear suspension, which features reworked steering rods from Ford Gran Torino 1973 and elegant saddle, which should compensate for the stiffness of the suspension.

Custom Kawasaki W650 Seat

Other details: filters K & N, footpegs are Tarozzi, slightly reworked front suspension (Photo below, stiffer springs), the battery in the box under the pendulum, simplified electronics system, compact headlamp CRD, wheel Renthal Ultra Low, tires Continental TKC80.

Overall, this is a fantastic custom bike.

Custom Kawasaki W650 Seat Pictures

Custom Kawasaki W650 Seat Engine

Custom Kawasaki W650 Seat Lock Key

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