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Custom Honda CB550 Bobber
5 years ago

Custom Honda CB550 Bobber

Custom Honda CB550 Bobber

Beautiful Honda CB550 Bobber owned by the Moh who had returned home from the marine’s service. As often happens, the army changes a person and his world. And it did. As he left the service, Moe left three bikes in the garage, but returned realized that he wanted something else. He decided to part with the Kawasaki ZX-6R 2008.

“I’m a Navy guy who spent a long time missing his three bikes in the garage back home,” say Moh. “So when I came back from overseas service last December, I thought to myself, ‘it’s time to get rid of the ‘08 ZX6R in my garage and get something different’. To be honest, I already had a show bike in there that’s won 3 trophies and a bobbed-out Sportster, but I was really looking for something unique and different but also a bike that had a little bit of café in it too.”

Details of Bobber Honda CB550 Parts:

Customize frame
Customize fork
The fuel tank from the old Sportster Mustang, redesigned
Enormously long tailpipes
Painting in the style of old-school chrome +
Construction time: 4 months

Custom Honda CB550 Bobber Pictures

Custom Honda CB550 Bobber silencer

Custom Honda CB550 Bobber Engine

Custom Honda CB550 Bobber on stand

Custom Honda CB550 Bobber Photos

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