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Custom Electric Chopper Pictures
4 years ago

Custom Electric Baker by Brad Baker

Custom Electric Chopper Pictures

Fans of classic choppers may be furious, but at the Motor Show “One Motorcycle” (OMS) was presented incredible electric chopper “Baker” with quite worthy design. It’s built by Brad Baker, co-founder of “Works Electric”.

Brad has a lot of experience to built electric motorcycles, and each time he makes more great stories. “Baker” is an electric custom chopper, which was made for a special rigid frame. Front suspension is set like “Springer”, while a leather saddle emphasizes classical component design bike.

The bike is powered by a 6.12-kWh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which is full recharge from 1.1 -kW charger and it takes only 6 hours. Batteries nourish 70-hp electric motor that develops 115 Nm of torque. If desired, Brad Baker can install a larger power unit, if the maximum speed of 170 km / h seems not big enough. For example, Brad proposes to build a 120 – strong unit that will reach speeds of 225 km / h.

Custom Baker estimated price is $ 25 000.

Custom Electric Chopper by Brad Baker

Custom Electric Chopper engine

Custom Electric Chopper on stand

Custom Electric Chopper seat and upper side

Custom Electric Baker by Brad Baker

Custom Electric Baker by Brad Baker Photos

Custom Electric Baker Pictures

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