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Custom Moped 77 Honda PA50III Pictures
5 years ago

Custom Cool Bike ’77 Honda PA50III

Custom Moped 77 Honda PA50III Pictures

Cool custom bike ‘Moped Honda PA50III’ is built by Matt Turner, who is a true connoisseur of 2-stroke motorcycles, as well as rapid and controlled bikes.

“This bike started in early 2011,” says Matt. “It was born from a desire to build something that would still qualify as a moped, but that would address all the issues I had experienced with these funny little two-stroke monsters over the years of building, tinkering and riding. I’ve had full-size bikes as well, and appreciate a lot of things about them that mopeds simply can’t match, but really feel like nothing quite compares to the fun of zipping around on something the size of a BMX bike that is capable of speeds nobody has any business going on thin, substandard tires and terrifying suspension.”

Remake a lot of mopeds, ultimately, Matt Turner came to the conclusion that you need to make a moped, which is essentially a small motorcycle; you must have a car equipped with a good suspension, brakes, wheels, etc.

Custom Moped ’77 Honda PA50III Details

  • Frame Honda Camino
  • Fork Honda MB5
  • Fuel tank Sachs Prima
  • Home-made saddle and tail
  • Chrome stretcher
  • Engine Honda PA50II, redone
  • A Chappy studs
  • Cylinder and cylinder head from 70-cubic scooter Peugeot Speedfight
  • Radiator Peugeot
  • Volkswagen Pump
  • Metrakit Piston
  • 24mm carb OKO
  • Flywheel and stator from the Derbi GPR
  • LED lighting fixtures
  • ASV levers
  • Tidy Trailtech Vector
  • Exhaust Derbi GPR Metrakit
  • TJT Derbi variator
  • Wheel Vespa Bravo
  • Malossi Delta Clutch

Custom Cool Bike ’77 Honda PA50III

Custom Moped 77 Honda PA50III Box

Custom Moped 77 Honda PA50III Fuel Tank

Custom Moped 77 Honda PA50III Meter and Cam

Custom Moped 77 Honda PA50III Seat

Black Custom Moped 77 Honda PA50III

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