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LA Curiosa by 76Hundred
5 years ago

Custom 1971 BMW R60/5 – LA Curiosa by 76Hundred

LA Curiosa by 76Hundred

Motorcycle BMW R60/5 was one of the Bavarian manufacturer’s models, which were produced in the 1970s and played a major role in the development of motorcycles BMW. R50/5 (500 cm3), R60/5 (600 cm3), and R75/5 (750 cm3) equipped with new frames without suitable mounting brackets, so they are much easier precursors. In addition, these motorcycles were completed with plastic wings, and other lighter components, including a 12-volt electrical systems and Bosch electric start. In fact, since motorcycles began the modern era of motorcycles BMW.

76Hundred Pictures

Motorcycle BMW R60/5 1971 was equipped with 599-cc boxer engine with 40 hp Its maximum speed was 160 km/h, just over 15 km/h in less compared to the older model R75/5. The picture shows a custom, converted master “76hundred Custom Vintage Motorcycles “from Miami. They left a great fuel tank, adding new leather saddle, rear lights and a new wing, not to mention the small upgrades. Some may not like it, but all the same to the bike light rust which gives a special charisma.

Front Light of LA Curiosa by 76Hundred

LA Curiosa Engine by 76Hundred

LA Curiosa Fuel Tank by 76Hundred

LA Curiosa Photos

76Hundred on stand

76Hundred silencer

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