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Confederate Releases 3rd Gen X132 Hellcat
6 years ago

Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat

Confederate Releases 3rd Gen X132 Hellcat

The new X132 Hellcat is Confederate Motor’s latest production, which they termed as 21 years of relentless passion. The Hellcat is named after the World War Two Hellcat fighter plane. The level of craftsmanship, spirit, and dynamism streamed into the X132 is outstanding.

The bike boasts a billet aluminum fuel-injected 2163 cc V-twin engine producing 150 foot pound of torque, to push the 500 lbs (227 Kg) bike down the road at some ridiculous speed. Along with other tasty bits such as carbon fiber wheels, Marzocchi RAC 50mm fork, Brembo brakes and a long-travel, multi-speed adjustable suspension. All these features make the X132 Hellcat a dream bike for any rider. Have a look!

Confederate X132 Hellcat

Confederate X132 Hellcat Front Angle

Confederate X132 Hellcat Ground Angle

Confederate X132 Hellcat on street

Confederate X132 Hellcat detail BW

Confederate X132 Hellcat Front

Confederate X132 Hellcat Seat closeup

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