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Concept Motorcycle Yamaha FZ-S Pictures
4 years ago

Concept Motorcycle Yamaha FZ-S (India)

Concept Motorcycle Yamaha FZ-S Pictures

Yamaha has presented the concept of Yamaha FZ-S, equipped with a 170 cc engine. The concept is a prototype bike that will be sold only in the Indian market, while for European Motorcyclists Yamaha recently released a bike Yamaha MT-125.

Perhaps many would agree that the design Yamaha FZ-S (shown in photo) is slightly superior to Yamaha MT-125, though it may be, is so beautiful kit and was made just for show. According to rumors, the new Yamaha FZ had completed the carburetor, but, in fact, it was found that the motorcycle is equipped with an injector. As a result, the engine produces 18 hp power. Official presentation took place on the show concept “Auto Expo 2014”. New bike is also equipped with a 120 mm rear wheel, digital instrument panel, a 2-seater seat and 5-speed. According to rumors, the Indian motorcycle market will cost about $1680, so, Yamaha expects to attract young riders and beginners.

Concept Motorcycle Yamaha FZ-S (India)

Concept Motorcycle Yamaha FZ-S Front Side

Yamaha MT-125 Picture
bike Yamaha MT-125 Picture

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